Summer Camps

Summer Camps

We are excited to offer a very carefully thought out series of summer camp options for all kids looking to improve their skills and have some fun along the way. Each camp has a focus so you as a family can make the best decision for what camp will the best option for your player. 


June 18th-21th

The first on the list will be our day camp which begins next week June 16th. This particular camp is constructed to challenge our players ages 9-14 looking to improve in all aspects of their game like dribbling using skill moves, passing & receiving, and SAQ activities to improve overall performance efficiency.


June 25th-28th

Our elite camp is the following week beginning on June 25th. Over the last two years this camp has shown so much promise we have decided to extend the hours to make it a full day at the soccer fields. This camp will focus on Small Sided Games that will challenge players to think faster under pressure. This environment will promote a faster speed of play as we work on improving players understanding of angle play and their ability to stay engaged while off the ball.


July 16th-19th

Our final camp of the summer is our finishing and goal keeper camp that will start July 16th. We are especially excited about this camp as we aim to get our players more comfortable in high pressure situations. With a focus around finishing, players will understand the guidelines of shooting while finishing services played in, through balls played in and off one on one situations created in isolation all while Keepers focus on taking this opportunities away on the same day. 

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