Crush Winter Program

The Knoxville Football Club “Crush” is happy to announce their Winter Training Program for the Winter of 2012/13. The program is based around technical training, speed and agility training, and will incorporate an in house 3v3/4v4 league.  With the mixture of all these facets of the game in an intense, yet enjoyable environment, the “Crush” feel that their players, teams, and coaches will benefit from the off-season months.  Winter training is  optional, yet we feel that it will attract each of our players to continue to work over the off-season. The training program will begin the week of December 3rd and run through January 25th. This six week program (taking the week of December 24th and December 31st off for the Holiday Season) will provide our players with the correct balance of training and playing, while maintaining and preparing them for the Spring season.

The training will be Tuesdays at Rocky Hill Baseball Park, and Thursdays at Hickory Creek,  from 6:00-7:30. This will be a club-wide training environment that will be heavily focused upon technical work, while getting in some much needed speed, agility, core strength, and balance training. Each and every player is encouraged to participate, no matter what age, gender, or level.

In an effort to continue to provide our players and families the most for less, the Winter Training on Tuesday and Thursday nights is free. This is included in the club fees that each player pays each season to be a part of the Knoxville Football Club. We encourage each player to take advantage of these two nights.

Indoor League:
The Winter Training Program takes on a new facet this year by adding in an Indoor League at the Emerald Youth Foundation Gym. This will be 3v3 or 4v4 (depending on age, with no goalkeepers) inside the gym, where the touches on the ball will be maximized and giving each player lots of playing time. We are looking to break these leagues into two groups: u9-u12 on Friday Nights and u13 and above on Monday nights. Each night will be broken down accordingly so that the players get the most out of their time.

The League will cost $25 a player for 6 weeks, as this money will go to help cover the costs of the facility rental. Each player will receive two t-shirts for playing (for their games, a home and away) and the rest of the money will go to cover costs. 

The  games be 25 minutes long, and have the teams consist of 1-2 subs so that the playing time is maximized. There will be two games per team each night that the team plays so that we are able to give our families the most for their time.  If interested in participating in the indoor league, please register here.

Monday- 4v4 Indoor League at Emerald Youth Foundation Gym (u13 and above)
Tuesday-Club Wide Technical Training at Rocky Hill Baseball Park
Thursday- Club Wide Technical Training at Hickory Creek
Friday- Indoor League at Emerald Youth Foundation Gym (u9-u12)

For more information feel free to contact Scott Muir or Fields Brown

Scott Muir, Director of Coaching:

Fields Brown, Associate Director of Coaching






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