Crush Prepares for Tryouts

With the Knoxville Football Club Crush growing immensely at last year’s tryouts, and anticipating another big growth this tryout period, the club has begun to prepare for the upcoming tryouts at the end of this month.The club has already made changes in its coaching structure to prepare and handle its growing player base. Director of Coaching Scott Muir and the Crush Board have made some changes in the jobs and titles in the club to make the coaching structure efficient and smooth. With the club growing on a year by year basis, the change in structure will allow for Crush to meet its growing demand.

Director of Coaching Scott Muir will also add "Operations" to his title, as he will continue to look to grow the club for the third straight year. Scott has been able to assemble a great coaching staff, grown the club’s annual tournament, and has seen the teams in the club see success on a consistent basis. Scott will continue to oversee the daily operations of the club, look to evaluate and train its coaches to become even better, and will continue the maintenance of the club’s facilities. 

Fields Brown will change from the Associate Director of Coaching to the Technical Director, where he will write age appropriate curriculum, run club-wide training sessions and training sessions for age groups in the club, oversee all camps, and will develop a college recruitment program.  With the club growing in numbers, Fields will be able to provide the players and coaches with attention to their technical development.

Allan Schoenfeld will change from the Assistant Director of Coaching to the Junior Director of Coaching, where he will be the contact person for all u11-14 teams, run an extra session a month with the teams this age, assist the Technical Director with age appropriate curriculum, and will assist  the Director of Coaching in the daily running of the club. With Allan having a huge part in the growth in this age group at Crush, it is only fitting for him to have a bigger role in this vital area as the club moves forward.


Chris Carroll will continue to be Crush’ Academy Director, as the club looks to encompass the u9 and u10 age groups into his guidance; growing his role in the club. Chris will look to continue to grow Crush’s Academy program, work to grow and develop Academy players, train the u9 and 10 teams once a month, work with the Director of Coaching and Technical Director to grow the u9 and u10 age group. After the massive amounts of progress that have been made in a short time under Chris, the Academy program, as well as the u9 and u10 age groups, will surely feel the benefit of his involvement. 


With the 2012-13 soccer year almost at a close, the Knoxville Football Club Crush is eagerly anticipating the 2013-14 year. With the growth, success, and progress that has been seen this year, the Crush looks to make next year even better! We’d love for you to come out to tryouts and see what Crush is all about.




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