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It is without a doubt that student-athletes are in the unique position of being both academically and athletically qualified for higher education. This presents an incredible opportunity for student-athletes to receive college scholarships that will allow them to continue playing the sport they love while furthering their education. Knoxville FC strives to support this process by continuting to focus on development of the whole player.

The primary responsibility in the recruiting process falls on players and parents and their willingness to market themselves to colleges in various ways.  Knoxville FC's “Crush” College strives to provide information and resources needed for this process. Directors and Coaches are available to support and advise players and parents, as well as to provide assessments and feedback for interested college coaches. The guides and links on this page will help keep players and parents on target with what is required throughout the different phases in the process. With this collaborative effort, you can “Crush” College!


Click here to download the college Recruitment Guide. This guide shows a comprehensive approach to getting recruited and the appropriate timing for the completion of each step. In addition, this guide also provides the following information:

  • The difference in various associations (NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA, etc)
  •  Eligibility Requirements
  • Coach Communication/Contact
  • Letter of interest to the coach
  • Recruitment Video
  • Campus Visit
  • Questions to ask prospective college coaches
  • And more….


The links below provide quick information to help you through each step of the recruiting process. These links align with and support the suggested recruitment guide in order to help reduce the amount of time spent searching for needed information.  

List and information on colleges (NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA, NJCAA): Men's and Women's
List and information on NCCAA Colleges: Men's and Women's
NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse: Registration
NAIA Eligibility: Registration 
NCCAA Eligibility (Section C; pg. 44): Registration
NCAA Student-Athlete Info: 2017-2018 College-Bound-Student-Athlete Guide
NAIA Student-Athlete Info: 2017-2018 Guide for the College Bound Student
NCAA Educational Resources: Information and Links
College Search: Finding the school that meets my desires
College Search Step-By-Step Approach: College Search, Step-by-Step
Selecting a Major: Explore Careers




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