The countdown for AWESOME AUGUST is finally over!

Per tradition we kick off our season with Awesome August where our teams get together and train with their coaches in a preseason setting. Over the years there have been some changes to how it is run, but the overall idea of Unity and Preparation remains. Awesome August will begin on Monday July 30th and will conclude on Thursday August the 2nd. This year teams will have two more sessions with their own coach and will work with 1 Guest Coach from a different team once. This will give each team 3 sessions leading into CrushFest.


As we move forward year in and year out, we are constantly evaluating ourselves to better provide a environment conducive to learning that is both Safe and Fun for our players. Some of our members have asked why we have moved to three sessions instead of the traditional four and that decisions have a lot to do with a Periodization Training schedule put out by US Soccer. With this being the hottest time of the year we are tasked with getting the most out of our preseason without pushing our kids past a realistic physical and mental limit. The question becomes are we getting the maximum production out of 4 training sessions and Saturday games on the first week back and we have decided that was not the case. This does however gives the coaches more freedom to push the players harder in those 3 training sessions which is a major plus!





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