2015 Juggle-a-thon!!

The 2015 Juggle-a-thon, our Spring fundraiser, will take place in February, building off of last year's inaugural year. We encourage our players to enjoy this event, as it is a great way of showing off your tehcnical abilty and encompassing your creative spirit, all while raising money for a great cause. 

2015 Juggle-a-thon
The Knoxville Football Club is proud to announce that we will bring the Juggle-a-thon for the Spring 2015 season. After the success of raising over $3,000 last year in the inaugural year, we look to see if we can have that same success this season. With the increase in the club, the second year of this fundraiser, and the overall excitement that was generated last year, we are aiming to raise $5,000.
The aim of the Juggle-a-thon, like all of our fundraisers here at the Knoxville Football Club, is to provide a chance to raise money while promoting something that will better our players. This opportunity allows our players to focus upon the importance of juggling, and what it provides them as a player. Juggling provides so much for first touch, controlling balls out of the air, and gives our players the familiarity of all surfaces needed in the game. We aim to show our players fun things to do with their juggling to keep it fresh and exciting, while highlighting the benefits it brings to each individual.
The money that is raised at the Juggle-a-thon will go towards helping in field rental costs and field needs. We currently are renting the beautiful facility at Bob Leonard all off season for Winter Training, as well as during the Fall and Spring season. We also will use the money raised with maintenance for our complexes (Lakeshore, Smokey Mountain Tops, Bearden Adaptive and Hickory Creek), as well as other needs we have for our facilities. 
The month of February we will ask our teams to promote juggling at each of their training sessions. At the team's last training session of the month, the players will have 15 minutes to get their best juggling record. The players are asked to raise money in: 
a) flat donations 
 b) a certain rate per juggle (i.e. $.25 a juggle) 
Ask your parents, friends, grandparents, neighbors, co-workers, etc...it goes to help a great cause.
There will be prizes for the following:
-the team that raises the most money will receive a Long Sleeve jersey
-the player who raises the most money will receive a $75 gift card to Soccer Post
-the player in each group who has the highest juggling record (u9-18)
-names on the website for those who join our "Juggling Club" (more info to come)
We are aiming to not only raise money for our an area our club needs assistance in, but also ignite a passion for a staple of soccer, while exciting our players to compete and enjoy the art of juggling. This is not only a way to show our skill, but a way to express one's creative spirit!
We aim to try and keep costs down for each player with club fees, and one way we off set this is through fundraisers like the Juggle-a-thon, and Crush 4K. If each player can raise $20 we will be able to raise the funds to meet our goal of $5,000...
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much for your support in this, as this fundraiser goes a long way; for our club and our each of our players.
All the best,
Fields Brown
Director of Coaching
Knoxville Football Club




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